Sunday 31 December 2017

Get organized with your New Year Resolutions!

Having lots of New Year resolutions and feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start and feel like you are lost with no resolutions or directional change for the new year? Don't worry, this post may help you get a little more organized with your resolutions or direction.

Every year, we post a blog post that helps you re-assess and reflect on your past year. This year we are keeping this post simple as it is meant to help you in a more organizational sense to manifest all that you desire. It is proven that habits and any thing you do DAILY is the most important for your growth journey. So, this year, habit making has been a bigger topic for me. I asked myself what is it that I want in my big picture? And, what are some thing(s) that I can do EVERY SINGLE DAY to allow me reach these goals.

I found that it is also useful to schedule them in and add a reminder on my phone (using the "reminders" app on iPhone), as they pop up every time as a notification. And, please don't forget that goals can also be to REST, anything that can feed your mind, body and spirit. Let's not get caught up in doing work all the time and achieving. If we don't water ourselves then we can't expand our branches and reach towards all other objectives.

All you need are 3 main lists:

1. Simple & main resolutions and goals

For example "Learn & be fluent in spanish by end of 2018", or "Launch my online business by Spring 2018", "Achieve a handstand by end of year"

Tips: Keeping all goals short, sweet, simple and at least 2 can be out of your comfort zone and a little more ambitious. They must also be tangible - once they are completed you would know that they are completed, so it isn't just an ongoing thing.

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2. Habit scheduling

For your main goals and resolutions, there must be daily actions - the small steps to achieve these goals. This is where habit scheduling comes in handy. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many, and make sure you also reflect on what habits you also want to LET GO of.  The easiest way to also schedule these habits is to put them into your morning and night routine, as this is something that can easily be done without having distractions pop up.

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3. Words to Live By

Deciding on one word or even a maximum of 3 words that you want to embody and live by for the year. Every action you do, you can ask yourself is it leading me to these words? Is it true to myself and the path I desire to lead or walk on?

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Hope this sweet and simple blog post gives you value. New year resolutions are not the only time you can reflect and adjust your sails. We love to reflect throughout the year as well and it is always so important to look within and adjust your growth journey by listening to your intuition. If a habit falls out, don't be so harsh on yourself and re-adjust the sails. Why did it not work out? Do you want that thing bad enough? Is there something else your heart is calling for? And, re-adjust always.

Wishing you a joyful 2018 filled with loving kindness and magical experiences! Don't forget to add play to your day and give time for you!

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Stay gold,


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