Sunday, 4 November 2018

Planting some friends at PlantNite

As the weather gets colder, we chase adventures that keep us as close to nature as possible.

We came across PaintPlant TO as we were chatting and debating what fun activity we can do next. The next thing we know, we were on the way to plant some loving friends.

Each person gets started off with three succulents, a glass bowl, some brushes, rocks and plenty of fun embellishments.

Yes, you get to pick your friends or let them chose you!

Start off by filling your glass bowls with some loving earthy soil.

Once everything is ready to go, remove all the little pots, massaging the roots of each succulent to prepare them for re-rooting. Don't be scared to get your hands diiiiirrtyyyy.

Do you dig it? If answer is yes, continue reading....

 Make three little holes (in the soil of course) and start placing your plants in whatever layout you like.

Isn't it lovely? All our friends in one place!

Time for some drainage rocks.

& possibly some wild art.

Yara is such a good artist.

We got to pick the coolest moss. Which colour would you chose?

Meet Tammy, the woman behind this event.

So many creative people that joined us on our adventure.

Check out our finished result! We have the perfect spot for these beauties.


In case you are thinking of visiting, we got you covered. 
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To attend an event & make your own little garden, visit Plant Nite

Plant Nite's Instagram: @paintplantto
Stay gold,

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Advice From A Sunflower

Miles and miles of sunflowers...

We had no idea how crazy and trendy this whole sunflower culture was until we arrived to Bogle Seeds farm, to see a massive selfie apocalypse happening just minutes after we parked.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Maro's - Redefining the middle eastern food experience (Oakville, ON)

Location: Oakville, Ontario

We visited one of our favourite local restaurants for a soulful meal. At Maro's Bistro they serve options that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and farm-raised meat lovers. It is one of those places that you can take anyone to and guarantee that they will love!