Sunday 8 October 2017

Architectural Vibes

We were blessed this year to have a warm fall and a few sunny days. We got to work, seeking new adventures using our google maps and zooming in to interesting areas.

Welcome to what we thought is interesting from a bird's eye view - Dundurn Castle in Hamilton.

Designed by architect Robert Wetherall, Dundurn castle reminded us a bit of our trip to Italy. Constructed of brick and covered in stucco, with unique doors and a number of wooden pillars.

Dundurn Castle is a historical neoclassical mansion from the 1800s. At the time it cost $175,000 to  build and contains 40 rooms with gas lighting and running water. It was owned by Sir Allan MacNab, and is currently owned by the City of Hamilton.

We did our own exploration, hung out in the sun and sat by the folly (which is east of the castle). A lot of people confused what this folly was used for and we weren't sure either, but there is an underground tunnel built leading from the castle to the folly.

Walking through a hidden path to enjoy onsite woods. The land is massive and overlooks beautiful scenery of the escarpment.

We also came across rustic barn doors, a gift shop and wedding ceremony that was taking place.

There are tours that walk you through the entire estate indoors and outdoors. As you enter the front doors you will experience the 19th century life of the MacNab's family and their servants.

Of course always stopping for a flower sniffing break.

Looking for more doors, cool details and elements that complete the story that this castle tells.


Would you live here?

We definitely would...

Interested in planning a visit?

You totally should! Click Here.

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