Monday 19 September 2016

Get Scribbly, Add Some Colour

We were so excited to wear what seemed like a thrown up colouring book for a weekend of fun adventure. These pieces designed by Yara for an old thesis project were hung in her room for the longest time along with a couple more colourful and wonderful pieces that we didn't wear that day. We thought it'd be fun to put them on and just enjoy the day outside.

Friday 2 September 2016

Dancing in Knits ft. Tight Knit Syria

What a great time it was talking to Dana Kandalaft, founder of Tight Knit Syria, and her lovely volunteer Flavia! At a glance, if you see us dancing in these soft knitted vests, you might think they are just any other piece of clothing. But, if you look closer and feel them, you can tell that they are way more than that. These pieces carry many stories. Read more for the full interview.