Monday 26 June 2017

Plant a Photo - Toronto's Diptych Photography Studio

Ey, Toronto creatives! If you don't know about this place you're going to want to. With plant-iful of possibilities for creativity,  Diptych Studio has a historic vibe, a lot of room, equipment and YAS, plants, for any creative production or event. 

We had a blast taking self-timed pictures in their raw moments at Diptych Studio to show our experience and the interior of the space.

We haven't edited any of these photos as we wanted to keep them in their natural setting for the full experience of this interior.

Once you walk in here plants welcome you in this beautiful cozy space.

Located on Adelaide and John in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Diptych Studio is a 2-floor creative production space in a 150 year old building known for its historic character. 

The flexibility in here to move and use equipment is also so helpful for any photoshoot.

A couple of months ago, Yara managed to host a launch party in this space for Scoria World, yoga brand for the imagination! So, if you're also thinking of hosting an event, this space accommodates up to 80 people comfortably.

Don't you also feel like this plant collection is addicting to look at?

*light bulb moment* "Hey yara, I got an idea.. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" ... 3,2,1.

Thanks, self-timer

~ Daylight bliss ~


Diptych Owner & TOM's Co-Founder

Creative owner, Dylan, is always inspired by all people and unique projects that are constantly held in this place. After a fun tour at the studio, we were even surprised by the awesome open rooftop. 


No pictures of the skyline, we're keeping it a secret, you gotta visit and see the Toronto view for yourself!

The rooftop is perfect for video productions! Rustic vibes, unique space

Contact Diptych Studio here:

Stay gold,



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