Monday 5 June 2017

Chasing The Light - Ontario's Manitoulin Island

A weekend spent in Manitoulin Island filled with stargazing, adventures and more at Gordon's Park. We visited this beautiful area in its raw beauty in the fall. Yet, we are sharing this with you today because a visit to this island is a must in the beautiful summer heat! The perfect time for a road trip is now...

Just after we arrived and unpacked, we took out the camera. Here's Jude looking serious about the picture-taking that's about to happen.

We stayed in a cute and cozy hotel. Loved the simplicity of this place. It was comfortable, clean and still super cute.

Humans & staircases.

Self-timer ways.

Then we headed to the waters and hit some hiking trails...

While making sure to visit this simple waterfall, we noticed a little bit of reduction in water. Climate change?

The poor fish in this river were trying to swim from the narrow shallow water all the way to the deep end. We cheered them on and hoped they'd all pass. *sad*


Day 2 happened to be at the beautiful and well organized Gordon's Park. We planned in advance to use the facility and the staff's help, space and direction for a night of stargazing, day of hiking, and some other fun activities they had. Unfortunately, many enjoyable quirks about Gordon's Park was closed down for the fall season. But, we're sure a summer trip will be an even more awesome experience. So... To visit again. ~ AND, their solar heated swimming pool would be open in the summer!

About Gordon's Park:

The Gordons have been developing the park since its inception in 1991. The park has always been rooted in a commitment to outdoor education and helping people experience nature. Gordon's park has private wilderness campsites, tipi-tenting, bunkies, on-site activities, a summertime calendar of events, and star-filled night skies like you've never seen before (skip to our last photos to see the stars).

Inside the Nature Interpretive Center

Meet Paul! He explained to us the Nature Center that included a collection of wildlife displays such as bears, wolves, dears, owls, fish and more. 

There were also some old books and an astronomy wall that holds information on planets, the northern lights, constellations and more.

Gordon's Park Hiking Trails

Of course we didn't miss the Playground!

Gordon's Park Playground

There are all types of nature fun here... And mini putt!

At the end of the night, the team at Gordon's Park took us with a night group to explore the night skies and we hoped to see the northern lights. Unfortunately we weren't able to see them. Plus, it was VERY cold in the fall! But, there's a chance to see the beautiful aurora if you do make a visit, plan your trip dates accordingly.

Grateful to have also been a part of the Gordon's Park night group with an astrology session and interesting stargazing information! 

The team made sure to take care of all questions and fill us with all information possible during this experience. We ended up learning about different constellations and stars under the telescope, as well as pin point planet placements. 

So now you know where to go this summer! Woot...

Visit Gordon's Park website here

See Manitoulin island on the map here

Stay gold,



  1. This place looks amazing! The photos are gorgeous! The colours are beautiful.
    The pictures of the stars are amazing, I live in a town and you can never see stars like that! I need to get out somewhere in the wilderness to see them like this!

    1. Thank you Georgina! xx
      Yes! Get on an adventure or road trip to see the stars, worth the experience!!

      Jude & Yara

  2. Wow !! Beautiful pics !!
    I love this place.