Tuesday 1 November 2016

Letting Our Passion Fly @ Media Nexus Ad Network

We believe that sometimes in life when you do what you are passionate about, things happen and you meet people for a reason. Eventually you take that and fly with it. That's what we did this weekend, thanks to Media Nexus Ad Network. Follow along to see all our self-timed shots throughout the night.

We were invited to this month's blogger event by the fun team at Media Nexus. This was their second blogger networking event, and it was our pleasure to attend and meet other creatives.

It was a laughter-filled night with lots of dancing, photography and more. Super talented photographer 
Rojo was present to share photography tips and brilliant make-up artist Myles Sexton was sponsoring the contest at the event to provide the contest winner with a make-over.

Her's a re-cap of our night at the 

Media Nexus Blogger Event

Such beautiful artwork in this venue (Orchid Nightclub)

Meet Nathan. One of the team members from Media Nexus Ad Network. He's not that serious all the time.

A little bit of pink... Most of the times we plan to match, but this time it wasn't planned ... It was just a strong sisterly bond. Ha.

Okay, casually going to the bar and thinking... Let's get anything to drink only for the lemon. It was a GOOD lemon!

A little shy in the beginning but when our cameraman was ready, a.k.a the self-timer, we started jamming to the music and getting other bloggers in on this! You can say we spread our Media Nexus wings.

Amanda from Amanda.eu.com

Amanda and Alexa

Now be prepared for some raw self-timed captures 

and a little craziness we got on camera

Amanda and the two creative sisters, Alexa and Josephine from Josephine: A Creative Life.


These two lovely blogger gals, Alexandra from Good Morning Beautiful and Felicia from feliciaaug.wordpress.com

"So, when the timer goes off, just dance."

"Forget about all other people in this venue"

"Oh hey... I found a plant!"

This is somewhat like a new age, modern, non-framed, digital family portrait with plant.

We cayuutee + plant.

Another shot, just incase.

Felicia + brick + plant

Yas Alice, you made the shot! This is Alice, from Media Nexus.

Yara + Alice

More blogger babes.

Meet Aaron! (From aarxnscott.blogspot.ca)

Aaron is a dancer...

He taught us some dance moves.

A little dancing goes a long way

The eagle dance...

Or some yoga.

The night may have gotten a little wild. 1/4 of Nathan.

Yup, it's a party.

Woah plant makes an appearance again.

"Let's Insta-Story while the camera timer is on"

Now that's how you event...

Stay gold, 



  1. Cool pics! :)

    What you think about follow each other? Follow me, let me know and I follow you ^__^

  2. Looking at the pictures I notice that you was very happy
    The photos are very beautiful !!!


  3. Loved reading this. Please check out my latest street style!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

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  4. This looks like it was such a fun event filled with amazing people!!


  5. This looks like such an incredible event! It's always so fun to meet other bloggers

    Rachel xx

  6. This looks like such an incredible event! It's always so fun to meet other bloggers

    Rachel xx

  7. Wow it looks like you had so much fun!!! Thanks for introducing other bloggers from Canada. We'll probably move back to Toronto end of next year so I'm eager to know the blogger community there.
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

    1. Thank you! Oh, that is awesome! You'll love Toronto, if you'd like to get together for coffee and a photo session, we should definitely get together,

      Good luck on your move xx