Thursday 10 November 2016

Favourite Local Shopping ft. Lakeshore Superette

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Jude, Yara and Teagen sitting in front of a self-timer

We are so excited to share with you one of our favourite stores in Mississauga!

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Selftimers. Picture of the store.

A little while ago we visited the super awesome apparel, accessories and lifestyle store, Lakeshore Superette, located in Port Credit, Mississauga. The lovely founder Teagen Dominato talked to us all about her journey. Stick around and read more for Teagen's inspiring advice on entrepreneurship and for our self-timed store adventure.

Meet Teagen Dominato

Owner of Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga 


What inspired you to start Lakeshore Superette? 

I suppose the idea to open up a little shop was always in the back of my mind, it was just a matter of timing and confidence. Before this I had been living and working abroad for a few years, when I came home the possibilities of what to do and where to go were so wide open, which was both liberating and terrifying, but I figured that kind of freedom doesn’t present itself too often, so I need to take my chances as they come, and thus the brainstorming began!

Could you talk a little about your creative background?

I studied material art and design at OCAD (textiles, jewelry, ceramics) and through my experience at the store I have found I’ve rediscovered what made me interested in that subject matter in the first place. It’s the little details, like the way a fabric feels, or getting excited about colour and pattern and the way they’ll merchandise together. It has also given me a space to get back into my own creative pursuits and showcase the wonderful creative pursuits of others.

How do you source and pick your products? 

That’s still very much a learning process. There’s an element of research involved, which I like, because it indulges the treasure hunter in me. I prefer to work with the smaller, local designers because it’s a more personal experience as opposed to the frenetic atmosphere of a trade show. My goal always has been to find made in Canada merchandise at reasonable price points, which for the most part I have maintained. Port Credit is a very diverse neighbourhood. I’m starting to get better at removing myself a little bit from the buying process and considering pieces that are more timeless and versatile to appeal to a variety of women’s tastes and needs.

What inspires you in your daily life?

I’m very much inspired by trying to find beauty in everyday life, or rather beauty in the seemingly banal. I’m drawn to architecture, symmetry, pattern and colour, which can be reflected in some of the choices I make in the store. I think living and working outside the city has also shifted my attitude about what inspires me. There was a time that I couldn’t picture myself being inspired by anything other than the energy of a big city of bustling downtown, but I love the peacefulness that comes with being so close to water and nature. It has shifted the idea of what I find beautiful and I’m inspired in a way I was never open to before.

How would you describe the feel of the store?

I suppose that’s something that reads different for everyone. I had a customer the other day tell me it looks ‘beachy’ in here, which is something I never really considered before. I would say the interior and feel of the store is reflected in the store ideology of synthesizing the old with the new. I hate clutter, so I prefer to keep things a little bit more edited, so everything can be seen individually and it’s not visually overwhelming.

How is Lakeshore Superette different than other boutiques in Canada?

I’m not sure that I could claim it is vastly different from other stores in Canada as a whole, but it is definitely something different for this area. When you think of Mississauga, you don’t necessarily think of pedestrian friendly, boutique style stores, and I think that’s why Port Credit was an ideal location. It is one of the most distinctive neighbourhoods in the city and the best place to bring a concept that has been done in various downtown neighbourhoods to the local market.

How much do you focus on local sourcing and who would you say are your favourite Canadian brands you carry in store?

Local sourcing is very important to me, not only because it supports Canadian designers, artists, etc, but it’s also practical! Having a vendor close by enough to be able to drop off their merchandise in person is wonderful. It establishes a personal connection between myself and the designer and makes me feel more connected to the things I’m selling in the store, which carries over to the consumer. I’m a big jewelry fan and really love two of the local jewelers Black Dahlia Jewellery from Mississauga and Points & Places jewellery based in Etobicoke.

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Selftimers. Picture of Teagen Dominato Founder of Lakeshore SuperetteWhat were some of the biggest challenges that you had to face in setting up your shop?

I suppose they are the same as most other new small businesses, marketing and money! I’ve found the most challenging aspect to be how to get my name out there and get on people’s radar, or more specifically, my ideal customer’s radar. I guess what they say is true, it takes a good 3 to 5 years to build up some kind of brand recognition or to become self- sustaining, so patience is definitely key.

Are there any new collections or exciting plans coming up for the store? If so, could you tell us about them?

I’m working on participating in and hosting more events and collaborative efforts with local creative types. I think that’s the most effective way to engage with the community and potentially create a community within the community!

Any advice for entrepreneurs out there?

I guess most advice is easier said than done, and most times I feel like I’m making it up as I go along, learning from my mistakes. To be an entrepreneur is to be a great risk taker, and taking risks takes a lot of confidence. Speaking from my experience, it took me a long time to even consider putting myself out there in such a way, and some days can be more challenging than others. So I think it’s important to have a solid support system that will help you push through those more challenging times and be there with you to celebrate your accomplishments.

. . . . .

A peak into our self-timed store adventure 

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga storefront store window display

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga storefront store window display

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Jude, Yara and Teagen sitting in front of a self-timer

I guess we're ready for the self-timer...

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Jude, Yara and Teagen sitting in front of a self-timer

Now it's all laughs

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga clothing inside the store

What we love about Lakeshore Superette is the unique pieces that are always displayed. The store is super neat and has a pleasant and friendly vibe.

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga clothing in the store and the store atmosphere

There are always new beautiful simple pieces in the store that are minimal and great to mix and match.

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga accessories and body lotions and skincare sold in store

Obsessed with all the little things at Lakeshore Superette, from candles, bath salts, plants & more!

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga interior of the store

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga clothing rack inside the store

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Selftimers. Picture of Teagen Dominato Founder of Lakeshore Superette

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga the selftimers duo canadian bloggers shopping in mississauga Jude and Yara

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga interior of the store and decoration

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga. Selftimers. Picture of Teagen Dominato Founder of Lakeshore Superette

Can we all take a moment to appreciate all the cute plants in this store?

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga plants in the store and decoration and interior

All about the little things.

Lakeshore Superette in Mississauga Yara shopping and browsing through the clothing racks

The vintage section is our favourite! Teagen picks magical unique pieces that will speak to you through colour, old-school cuts or crazy patterns!

Yara trying on a vintage dress hand picked by Teagan Dominato in Laskeshore Mississauga

. . . . .

Don't forget to visit Lakeshore Superette if you are in Mississauga! 

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