Monday 11 January 2016

Think Outside the Cubes

New Year, new thoughts and lots of cubes.

In our case, we tried counting the cubes, blurred by the elements of such simple forms. Each cube produces a logical system, a way that allows us to fulfil the volume we have in life. Let us show you how simple it is... 

Square + Line + Colour = Goal. Or a burst of laughter.

This goal/cube is part of a finite system. When you have a goal focus on it and don't be distracted by what is trying to blur you. After all it is impossible to split one cube into two cubes.

& even when your cubes turn into ice, they still are alive. Give'em some warmth.

From dreams to reality, never lacking individuality and openness. You are art and whatever you create will be so as well, so only be seen in a lively hue of red.

Let the wind blow your fears far far away...

Crush every bit of doubt you have...


Get lace involved into play...

Thank the Earth you walk on...

& then let it all go...

Climb that mountain you dreamed of, or perhaps up a lil' skateboard slope.

Untwist the state of mind and lose all disturbances. Use your speed into an adequate line.

Go out.

Put together a Rubik's Cube with a flimsy piece of rope.


Again & Again.

We plan to make the cube.

Stay Gold,



  1. Great post! I really love that mural- I can't imagine how cool it would look up close as well :)

  2. Such a motivational and inspirational post! You guys both look amazing! I especially like the look of that sweater with the black maxi skirt.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  3. Beautiful post. My dreams turn to ice fairly quickly. I need to remember to warm them up again and not give up on them all together


  4. such an inspiring post :) loved it !!

    I just followed you guys on Bloglovin..we can follow each others on other socials as well..let me know your thoughts :)
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  5. Gorgeous ladies! Love this look on you! Have a great day doll!
    Much love, Len

  6. I LOVE the photos of you jumping!! You two are adorable!

    -Bailey Chauner

  7. the burgundy lace skirt paired with the adidas is perfect!!

    Kierra | Lavishingg

  8. Cool pictures and outfits!

  9. Such an inspiring and great post ! You both looks cool :)

  10. Love the images from this post! The cube background worked out well :)