Sunday 17 June 2018

Maro's - Redefining the middle eastern food experience (Oakville, ON)

Location: Oakville, Ontario

We visited one of our favourite local restaurants for a soulful meal. At Maro's Bistro they serve options that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and farm-raised meat lovers. It is one of those places that you can take anyone to and guarantee that they will love!

As regular visitors we always like to try their new and unconventional dishes, from salads to bowls and cooked dishes. It is definitely not your typical middle eastern restaurant, it's way better.

Ingredients are sourced locally, and all their dishes are inspired by middle eastern culture. This restaurant is a true gem located on Kerr Street in Oakville. With it's super rustic vibe and popping beats, it is hard to miss.

You will be greeted by powerful pop art of middle eastern artists and the space is decorated with unique pieces from Lebanon. It has a very warm and eclectic feel, almost reminding us of our grandma's super cool vintage collection. 

Caution: These photos may get you super hungry, if you do don't worry... Maro's Bistro got your back.

At Maro's food gets served with love and smiles.

Tip for foodies: It is definitely worth trying out more than one plate and sharing it with your friends/ family.

We started with the Dandelion Salad that had dandelion of course plus caramelized onions, beets, tomatoes, mixed peppers (yummy), cucumber (super fresh and crunchy) and roasted walnuts (out of this world), drizzled with blackberry balsamic (burst of flavour).

Dandelion Salad | $13.00 (Vegan, GF)

These affordable, large and soulful dishes got us super excited!

Next up was the Veggie Tower (Jude's favourite) with a base of in house made Hummus like no other, topped with Moroccan couscous and chickpeas, seasonal grilled veggies, dried apricots, prunes and super ripe avocado. 

Veggie Tower | $14.50 (Vegan)

Of course we had to try Maro's top dish that everyone raves about (& Yara's favourite); the Phoenicia Garden. You literally get served a small garden in a plate and oh we loved it. Your garden comes with hummus, chopped kale, tomato, white onion, cucumber, red cabbage, mixed peppers topped with the famous and super well done fried cauliflower drizzled with sumac vinaigrette. This plate has an interesting texture and expands your palate.

Phoenicia Garden | $15.45(Vegan, GF)

For all of you meat eaters, don't worry Maro has you covered with his ethical and local chicken, fish and beef. All meat dishes come with hot seasoned pita bread that goes so well with their in house made muhammara , tahini and hummus.

The most popular meat based dish is Here Comes The Bride. I love the name of it because it sounds super festive. This fish fillet dish is marinated in a mix of middle eastern spices, topped with sautéed onions and peppers (smells so good). It sits on a bed of tahnini marinara (the middle eastern version of tartar sauce, but better - sorry tartar) or baba ghanoush covered with roasted almonds and pine nuts.

Going crazy over all this yummy food!

If you are more of a chicken person, especially if you are about that BBQ life - this is for you. The Lebanese Cevapi dish is the ultimate Lebanese plate with grilled chicken breast, sautéed onions, mixed peppers, baby mushrooms, lebanese garlic potato on the famous muhammara.

Lebanese Cevapi | $15.45(Vegan, GF)

Okay, now it is time for us to dig in.

Meet Maro - you can always spot him by his cool hats.

Maro shared with us his passion for cooking, showing us all of his mouth watering recipes and secret spices. We had a fun chat with him and got an insider view of his operations and the art that goes into preparing all these amazing dishes. He is constantly inspired in redefining middle eastern food and pushing the boundaries in creating a burst of new flavours.

Sneak peek of customers joining us on our blog post...

For the full menu & details for Maro's Bistro check out their awesome website here

Maro's Bistro Instagram: @maros_bistro

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