Saturday 4 March 2017

Scoria's Instagram Pre-Kickstarter Giveaway!

Hey 'all, it's been a while. Super sorry, as many projects are in the works. Yara has been working on bringing you an awesome project on Kickstarter! Scoria is launching on Kickstarter March 29th with three biodegradable yoga mat designs inspired by children's imaginations, complimentary legging designs, and a couple of t-shirts. You don't want to miss on this pre-Kickstarter giveaway! A chance to win all these amazing play-meets-mindfulness goodies.

Find all the details on how to enter here:

This giveaway is in partnership with Bella Buddha Beads and Terrah Essentials.

So excited to give this kit to a lucky winner! It's a random draw; the more entries the, more chances of winning. You are only three simple steps away!

Oh, and did we mention there will be a launch party in Toronto? Find all the details on the Scoria website 

We'd love to see you there. Stay gold,



  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing giveaway! I would love to have these essentials for my yoga practice!

  2. There leggings look so beautiful. I don't care what I look like, leggings are comfortable and warm. If people don't like looking at me in leggings, well, don't look then! I dress for myself, not anyone else.