Monday 9 May 2016

Meet Frizz Kid ~ @frizzkidart

Here is an artist to look out for! Young and talented Hana Shafi, known as the Frizz Kid, joined us on a self-timing adventure and it was so much fun. Follow along on this interview to get inspired by her art journey and to see her draw on our chair!

Meet Hana, the Frizz Kid

Artist & Writer

Positive Affirmation Series and We Believe Survivors (Top middle), Hana Shafi

We talked to Hana about her art and her ongoing healing journey.

Hana's original style, the strange and surreal   

Tell us about you and your journey as an artist.

I graduated from school last year with a journalism degree and I didn't get a chance to do any formal arts training so its been a long journey to try to teach myself certain skills especially when it comes to digital art and using things like Adobe Illustrator. I also like to incorporate my cultural background into my art, because I am Indian and Persian. My Street Fighter Auntie Series were connected to parts of my South Asian heritage, but even just some of the paintings I do, I like to incorporate designs that are associated with Persian islamic art and Indian embroidery. In all my arts there's a bit of my identity, even in my Positive Affirmation art there are bits of my own life story that I have to put into that art because that's what makes it genuine and real to the people.

When did you gain interest in art?

I always had an interest in art growing up. I really liked art in high school but I didn't think I was good enough to pursue it. There's a lot of emphasis in creating things that look realistic; like realistic portraits and realistic landscapes. Which is an amazing skill but not everybody can necessarily do that. Then, later when I was in University I started sketching and slowly started deciding to be more committed to my hobby and make it something that I genuinely want to do; as well as cultivate my skills and start to make my drawings public.

Hana's original style, the strange and surreal

What motivates you to continue making art?

The biggest motivation in art is viewing and consuming other art: seeing other artist's works and being in environments that are dedicated to fostering arts and culture. Going to places like the AGO and going to the Zine Dream art fair and seeing all the local artists with their prints definitely inspired me to put more passion and effort into my artwork. When you're in creative environments it rubs off on you and it influences you positively to be around people who are dedicated to the same thing. You feel a very positive energy coming from them and you want to be a part of it too, it's just a natural reaction.

How would you describe the changes in your style of art?

When I first started I was pretty amateur, therefore I wasn't willing to experiment with different styles and as I became better at my craft I started experimenting. But, one thing that I really stuck with is my surreal and weird style. You don't see it as much with my Positive Affirmation pieces. But, my Arting the Selfie Series was a throwback to the stuff that I first started with which was to create really disproportionate faces and surreal art. It was also kind of a "screw you" in a way to the people who  felt that I couldn't pursue art because I wasn't able to draw realistic people. So, I would purposely go out of my way to make things unrealistic, strange and cartoony and that has led to my style evolving.

What inspired you to start the now very well known Positive Affirmation Series?

Positive Affirmation Series
I believe that art is a form of healing and that you can heal yourself through art. It is also healing to those who view and consume your art. When I first started wanting to do the positive affirmations, I was thinking of myself in that first moment; "what were the things that I want to remind myself to do?" Then I realized I should create art that is a positive reminder to myself and also everyone else. I wanted people to have these reminders in their lives. Positive affirmations are very simple things, but they often get overlooked. They are simple but powerful. Life can be very fast paced and there's lots of pressure to be productive for others; be productive in your school, in your work... But, sometimes in the midst of it all, people stop thinking about ways in which they can be productive simply for themselves. You can take breaks, you don't have to be creating something every moment of the day. If you are burnt out, you need to engage in self care and take a break.

Did starting the Positive Affirmation series have to do with a positive change in your life?

I wanted to start making positive changes to my life, even just little things like exercising, waking up early and doing things that cultivated my own happiness and well-being. Then I realized that such simple things like going at my own pace and taking care of myself really improved the quality of my life, so I knew that those were important to share. It's really all about small changes that people can make. The affirmations are messages that I want to be accessible. Not everybody can get up and go on an amazing life changing trip in order to be happy; that is not necessarily accessible to people. I wanted to make positive reminders that allowed others to be inspired to do things for themselves with whatever is going on in their lives.

Positive Affirmation Series

What are your favourite mediums to work with?

I like working with pen the most; my sketchbook and my pen are what I'm most comfortable with. Now I've been doing a lot of digital art because it's really affective for small simple messages and it can give a clean and polished look. And I do like painting every now and then. My painting style is a much different style than my illustrations.

If someone wants to buy your art, where can they get it?

Through my Redbubble store here. Or they can commission art through messaging me on my social media platforms. (scroll through to the end of post)

Any future goals for your art?

In the future, I want to take my art further so that it becomes a part of my life that can sustain me.

Positive Affirmation Series

Favourite artist:

Frida Kahlo; I love her art and I love her politics. Also Gustave Courbet; he makes these incredible paintings. My favourite is "The Origin of the World" it's beautiful, but pretty graphic. I also have a huge love for religious art, especially Christian Renaissance art. I like art that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. 

Anything you would like to say to the world?

People forget how important art is! Value artists and value art, because art moves people, changes and enriches lives. And, when sharing art, make sure you credit the artist!

The Self-timed Adventure

After the interview we asked Hana to draw on a chair... But, first we had a little chair fun.

Excitement of empty white chairs...

Childlike minds in their kingdom.

Of course, we danced...

We told Hana to draw on the chair; any simple message she wants to share to individuals sitting on it.



Ha ha, yup, we took it outside!

Here is one of our favourite pieces to end this post:

Inspiring Positive Affirmations are posted on Hana's social media every Monday and Friday! So, make sure you follow her on at least one of these platforms to see more:

INSTAGRAM ~ @frizzkidart

FACEBOOK ~ Frizz Kid

TWITTER ~ @HanaShafi


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