Wednesday 27 April 2016

Puerto Plata bits in Squares

"Jump high, because we're in the Dominican!" This post is summarized, yet a little long ~ 6 days condensed. But, make sure you scroll to the end to see what our main takeaway from this trip was.

Flight...  Here's our Puerto Plata experience through the tiny phone cam.

The most beautiful sceneries; this land is so refreshing. It's full of greens, fresh air, free roaming animals; you'll see horses, chickens, cows, birds, dogs, cats, and so much more! The best part about this place is nature and sunshine. Once you have both you won't need more...

We will share with you our travel stories through the pictures we captured, as we kept our phone usage to a minimal...

Here are some eye opening shots of the local life... It's hard to see lots of the city when you're 2 girls in a foreign country, but we managed to capture and learn a lot from the spots and people that we did meet.

These precious children were so open, friendly and bright. We got a chance to visit a school in Puerto Plata. The schooling system is way different than what you see in North America, the ways to get to school are a lot harder. But, these little ones are happy at school, they don't feel the need for more; they are happy with the company of their classmates and they actually love to LEARN! The class is so small that the teacher seemed to be an informative guide rather than an authoritative figure.

The process of rolling tobacco... Oh, what an experience just seeing and smelling all kinds of plants... Tobacco, orange leaves, limes, chinola (passion fruit ~ which is so yummy!), pineapple plants... The garden just seemed endless.

Let the ocean waves take you far away.

We walked to the sound of the cute beauty birds, ate with the birds, whistled with them... 

Applying our self-timing efforts.

Making beach friends...

The most lovely gateways.

Dancing everywhere ~ sunshine love.

Strong tides, so powerful it almost feels as if the ocean is talking to you. You are what you attract... Is it possible that thought vibrations you send out travel across oceans and lands to the spots that you wanted to reach?

The ocean is one of our wisest teachers, teaching us to breathe, let go and re-fill.

The water inspired us.

One of our goals was to do yoga in this most relaxing and recharging vacation. Self-timed shot of a couple of our beach yoga poses. For more acro and yoga inspiration, take a look at Jude's @healthywiththalassemia 's instagram page!

The best seeds...

Through a self-timed lens.


Gorgeous Tarantula. Would've loved to take him home...

This is Mama Dora, the strong and beautiful lady who grinds cacao and coffee beans to make the tastiest organic hot chocolate and/ or coffee. 


Soul. Mind. Body...


Acro fun.


Vibrant colours. Simple life.

Everyday we aim to come out with a lesson. 

This vacation has opened our eyes to what lies beyond the pieces of land and conditioning that we see regularly. There are so many different ways to live. You can get more out of life if you're unhappy. You don't have to do what you're doing right now if it isn't fulfilling. Don't stay in your place. What you think is the "worse that can happen" isn't as bad as you think. WE created material items.  Life is simpler. All you really need is a shelter, loved ones, nature and self-knowledge to impact others and sustain yourself while growing your own foods. Think about your future goals, they can always be changed. 

Hoping we inspired you as much as we were inspired.

Stay gold, 



  1. this looks like it was an amazing time! I would love to be by the water right now!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Except the tarantula lol. You guys are so cute!


  3. Oh my god, you guys are so adorable! I have a twin sister and I would LOVE to go on a world tour with her. There's this bright and positive vibe about this place, so beautiful!

    Not Your Type Blog

  4. Amazing time for you...Gorgeous photos!

  5. awesome pictures! i hope you had a great time!!

  6. Beautiful photos!
    xx Alyssa

  7. Amazing photos!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  8. Gorgeous! I can't believe you touched that tarantula ... Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Stef <3

  9. Amazing photos! Have fun girls! Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend!
    Much love, Len

  10. What a great post! you really transported me with your photos to the Dominican republique... beautiful work!


    Tamara -

  11. your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!