Sunday 23 August 2015

Eh! Stanbul

Straight from Canada we landed, Istanbul we are here! 

What we expected was far more fantasy like than what we saw. Jude and I landed into this beautiful islamic city that amazed our senses in every way. The time that we had in Istanbul was 2 days! 2 days only! That's 48 hours... Already exhausted from a 10 hour flight, we unpacked, and marched straight out of the hotel room with so much excitement to see everything.

Of course, we decided to walk everywhere, even up hill by mistake for 20 minutes until we got rescued by a cab but that's a different story. Next time, we will be there for longer and we shall see every bit of you, Istanbul.

Each area looks like you suddenly transported yourself into a different country. It could be hard to deal or communicate with people at times but it makes it all the fun. Two small girls in this city toughens you up *wishing emojis are a thing on laptops* *insert bicep emoji*

Anyway, we wanted to share with you a few shots taken in so little time. For all visitors... Aside from all the tourist-y things you can do, make sure you spend a whole exploring day in Beyo─člu. Also, make sure you have breakfast at Cihangir Kahvalti Evi, because who doesn't want constant tea refills, great service and beautiful yummeh food? You won't regret it!

Stay gold,


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