About Us

We are Jude and Yara, two sisters wandering the world, starting with our hometown, Canada. We believe adventure is the most free-ing gift you can give yourself. Don't know where to start? Don't know where to go? Follow along our self-timed personal & raw photography as we uncover the world's most hidden gem selection of outdoor nature spots, eco-living, local cafes, sustainable shopping and nourishing things to do for your mind, body and spirit. You may think of us as local travel advisors but with a personal touch that also includes features of badass entrepreneurs & innovators.

Meet Jude : If you run into her at a bar, you'll find her sipping on tea. Her days are spent laughing at her own snapchats.

Meet Yara: She needs her upside-down breaks every five minutes. You may find her carrying ten things in her hands and dropping five...